Microsoft’s move against Steam: Developer share increases to 88% in game sales

Developers will now get an 88% share of PC game sales in the Microsoft Store. Microsoft thus met at the same point with Epic Games across Steam.

Good news came from Microsoft for game developers today. On Xbox Wire According to the official statement, the share of the developers in PC game sales made through the Microsoft Store will increase from 70% to 88% . It was announced that the new policy will come into effect as of 1 August .

Microsoft’s new move has come as an important surprise in the PC world. As you know, 88% developer share  was one of the biggest points of the war Epic Games waged against Steam. Microsoft is now meeting with the Epic Games Store at the same point. Steam, which is the leader of the sector by far, continues to get a 30% share. 

Making some statements on the subject, Microsoft said, “Game developers play a key role in our goal of providing great games to our players. We want them to find success on our platforms. will mean it will arrive. ” used the expressions.

Microsoft Store is also at the heart of the Game Pass PC service. Attracting more developers to the Microsoft Store will mean improving the Game Pass library. For example, the reason why some games currently on the Game Pass console are not available in PC Game Pass was that the games in question were not available in the Microsoft Store.

In addition to the 88% developer share move, Microsoft is also working to make the process of adding games to the store much easier.

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