Microsoft will add performance mode to Edge browser

The software giant continues to enrich the Chromium-based Edge browser with more and more advanced features. The last feature will further improve the performance of the Edge browser.

Microsoft is determined to bring the Edge browser, which it has made Chromium -based, ahead of Chrome. The new feature is performance oriented.

Performance mode

The performance mode that appears in the Edge Canary version makes the browser more serial according to the processor, memory and battery status.

Tabs do not go to sleep when the performance mode, which may change according to the usage scenario, is turned on. The feature, which has been gradually being distributed to users, can be opened with the -enable-features = msPerformanceModeTogle command.

Finally, the PDF editing feature offered to some users can be quite useful. The latest Edge Canary version, which allows text to be added in addition to drawing on PDF files, is now fully loaded.

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