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Microsoft takes a step back on Windows 11 processor support

Microsoft, which received a great response from users, announced that it will test the 1st generation Ryzen and 7th generation Intel processors, which are not on the system requirement list of Windows 11.

It angered computer users when it announced that Windows 11 would not officially support processors released only four to five years ago in the system requirements announced last week . To clear confusion about the system requirements for Windows 11 ,

Microsoft has released a report today. blog published the article. The prominent statement in the blog post; “In our work with the Windows Insider (early access) team and partners, we will test Intel Kaby Lake and AMD Zen 1 series processors. Over time, we will share with you updates and additional technical data on the results of our testing.”

The good news is that insider preview builds for Windows 11 can be installed regardless of processor type and TPM support. The same blog post also hints that Microsoft may change the system requirements of Windows 11 to include more processor families. It should be noted that the section of the blog post stating that Intel sixth generation and earlier chips and pre- AMD Zen processors definitely do not meet their criteria has been removed.

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  1. For quite some time now, I have been interested in windows 11 and all its interesting updates. i have heard about it, and I think it would be great. by the way, I love the details you have on windows 11, it was really great.

  2. Nice article. While the first general release of Windows 11 will include features like a more streamlined, Mac-like design, an updated Start menu, new multitasking tools, and integrated Microsoft Teams, it will not include one of the most anticipated updates: support for Android mobile apps in its new app store. Microsoft also didn’t offer a date for when Android apps would be available either, other than saying that they would roll out in a “preview” test “over the coming months,” according to the post.keep up the good work

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