Microsoft plans to bring Xbox Series X/S games to Xbox One with xCloud


Microsoft plans to bring the next generation games of Xbox Series X/S to Xbox One using its streaming service called xCloud. In this way, the era of Xbox One will not be over.

A lot of good news came from Microsoft for Xbox, especially when entering the current generation . Xbox players were very happy at the E3 presentation in the past days. With both its games and services, Xbox is currently doing pretty well for gamers. The latest news from Xbox is one that will make players very happy.

Xbox Series Games Coming to Xbox One

As you know, many games of Xbox in the new generation will only be released for PC and Xbox Series . When the generation changes, as you know, the old generation will not play games after a while because games are developed according to new technologies. However, Microsoft’s latest move seems to change things. Xbox has a streaming service called xCloud . With Cloud Gaming, players can only play games with the internet without having a powerful hardware. This service will come to Xbox One.

According to an announcement on Xbox Wire, Microsoft plans to bring Xbox Series exclusive games to Xbox One by bringing xCloud to Xbox One . In this way, the era of Xbox One will not be over and players will be able to continue playing the games by purchasing the console they want. In fact, this news more clearly shows that the focus of Xbox is xCloud , not games and console . With the development of streaming platforms, it seems that there will be a very clear change in the gaming industry.

xCloud is currently not accessible in our country, but it has been officially announced that there are studies on this subject. 


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