Microsoft Office’s standard font changes after 15 years


Software giant Microsoft announced that after nearly 15 years, the standard Calibri font in Office software will be changed.

Microsoft decided to replace the standard Calibri font in Office products for the first time in 15 years, and this development was announced on the company’s website .

Calibri, from 2007 since Times New Roman, taking the place of the font in Office applications default font was. The company now thought it was time for a change so it announced that it had decided to go for a change .

The basic font will be determined in 2022

The new fonts are named Tenorite , Bierstadt , Skeena , Seaford and Grandview . Each font has its own characteristics . For example, Tenorite is a traditional sans-serif typeface with a ” warm and friendly style “, while Bierstadt is a font inspired by classic Swiss typography of the mid- 20th century .

The new fonts can already be implemented in the Microsoft 365 package. The company plans to receive feedback from users to decide which font will be basic within five months . Full-scale changes to the standard font will begin in 2022 .


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