Microsoft Modern peripheral equipment announced

For distance education and conference events, there are two headset models, a speaker model and a webcam under the Microsoft Modern brand.

In the pandemic period when people have to spend more time in front of the screen, the production of related equipment also increases. Under the Microsoft Modern brand, a new series of headphones, speakers and webcams has been introduced.

What are Microsoft Modern accessories?

There are two headsets in the new Modern series, which mostly targets distance education, acting and video calls. The headphones with a 28mm moving coil driver and a microphone that can receive spatial sound are divided into wired and wireless.

The wireless headset can be used for up to 50 hours. While the volume control is located on the right earbud, the status of the microphone can be monitored with an LED light. Wireless headset compatible with desktop and mobile platforms at $ 100. The wired headset, on the other hand, has a built-in control module and can only be connected to the desktop via USB-C. The price is $ 50.

The modern USB-C speaker has a 50mm full range driver and two omnidirectional microphones. The speaker with microphone and volume keys is ideakl, especially for Teams calls by more than one person. The price is $ 100.

Modern Webcam is a webcam capable of recording in Full HD. The camera, which has a wide angle, can produce quality images with HDR and True Look. While the auto focus helps the user, it also has a special cover. The camera, which can be connected via USB Type-A, can be easily placed with its fastening mechanism. Its price is $ 70.

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