Microsoft May Be Working On A New Windows Store

Microsoft is working to make the Windows 10 app store more modern.

Microsoft is working on a new Windows 10 app store, which will replace the Windows Store, which is not much liked by users , according to Windows Central . The company’s aim is to provide a modern and streamlined user interface. Also, new policies for developers are one of these changes.

One of the main changes to experience is allowing developers to ship programs as unpackaged Win32 applications without having to convert them to the MSIX package format. This innovation also means that users can more easily access and change the folders where they install games. This draws attention as an improvement that will facilitate the installation of the mods.

Another important change is that developers can host software on their content distribution networks instead of using Microsoft’s in-app commerce platform. In fact, Windows Central’s resources say Microsoft will not cut application developers who take advantage of its own in-app commerce channels. If you remember, Epic Games requested that the developers be allowed to make their own payments . At this point, Microsoft’s having such a plan will also strengthen Epic’s hand.

Finally, it should be noted that there is no information about when the new version will be released yet. However, it is likely to come with the UI update expected in the fall of 2021.

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