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Microsoft finally refreshes icons used since Windows 95

Microsoft is working on the next major Windows 10 update that will focus on design. The latest leaked information is that the icons from Windows 95 until today will change.

Microsoft will eventually update the icons in the operating system, some of which have been in use since Windows 95 . Developers are gradually improving Windows 10 icons for the Sun Valley update, which will be part of the radical visual rejuvenation planned for the end of the year . The appearance of new system icons was announced in March this year, and it is now known that Microsoft will replace all old icons .

New system icons for hibernation, network, disk drives and more have been discovered in preview versions of Windows 10 that are being tested based on new leaked information . These icons refer to the shell32.dll library, which is an essential part of the user interface and is used to display icons in various dialog boxes of the operating system .

Sun Valley will be released in late 2021

Update this year from October to November is expected to be presented to a large audience in the summer and with it not only new features, but also redesigned to bring an interface.

Microsoft is in no hurry to reveal details about the Sun Valley update and the future look of the Windows 10 interface . More information is likely to come out at the Microsoft Build developer conference later this month .

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  1. Yaay, icon incompatibilities, just what i wanted with all those win10 bugs and bullshit.

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