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Microsoft Edge surpasses Firefox to become the third most popular browser

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser continues to increase its user base. As the third most popular desktop browser bypassing Firefox, Edge may soon overtake Safari as well.

StatCounter research company shared the latest statistics on the usage rates of desktop browsers. Published data show that Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser attacked and left Firefox behind.

As of March 2021, 8.04% of desktop and laptop users chose Microsoft Edge. In March of last year, this figure was at the level of 0.57%. So the growth rate of the browser is extremely impressive.

Chrome got used to the top

Edge is currently the third most popular desktop browser. Firefox, which lost its seat to Microsoft’s browser, fell to fourth place with a share of 7.97%. Safari ranks second with a 10.13% usage rate.

If Edge keeps this momentum going, it may soon outrun Safari as well. We see that Google Chrome maintains its leadership with a share of 67.09%. It seems unlikely that the browser will lose the first place in the near future.

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