Microsoft adds profit to your profits

Elements such as Microsoft Azure cloud systems, Xbox One and Office 365 platform saw the biggest increase in the pandemic period. The company exceeded expectations.

It is true that the pandemic has made technology giants much stronger. Firms that have the infrastructure suitable for distance education and working conditions have almost started the match 1-0 ahead. Microsoft is one of them.

Microsoft doesn’t call money money

According to the first quarter financial reports of the new year, Microsoft ‘s revenue increased by 19 percent to $ 41.7 billion. The company exceeded expectations. Operating profit increased by 44 percent to $ 15.5 billion.

The widespread use of the remote interaction concept has increased the interest in Azure infrastructure and Office 365 services. Azure revenues increased by around 50 percent, while the entire Smart Cloud segment increased by 22 percent, generating $ 15.1 billion in revenue.

It is stated that the total revenue of the Personal Computing department, which includes Windows and Xbox platforms, increased 19 percent with 13 billion dollars, while Xbox sales increased 232 percent. In other words, the first quarter brought Microsoft in every respect.

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