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Metro Exodus developer is working on a new high-budget game

It turned out that 4A Games, the developer of Metro Exodus, one of the popular games of 2019, is working on a new high-budget game. You can find the details in our news.

It has been revealed that 4A Games , the developer of Metro Exodus , the latest game of Metro , one of the popular series of the game world , is working on a new game.

A High-Budget Game

According to PSU, currently 4A Games has opened a job posting to hire 12 people. Six of the 12 people they will hire are hired to work on a new AAA IP . This means that 4A Games is working on a high-budget game that we have not seen before.

We don’t have many details about this new IP, but when we look at the recruitment details, we can say that there are details that suggest this game is also a game involving creatures . 

The other 6 people are wanted to work on other projects. 4A Games ‘ s new Metro game was described in earlier work on that. But unfortunately it is in the very early stages of the development process.

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