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Mercedes launches Drive Pilot, level 3 autonomous driving support

While autonomous driving systems are spreading rapidly all over the world, large companies continue to invest in this technology. Mercedes launches the Drive Pilot, which provides level 3 autonomous driving.

Autonomous driving aids and fully autonomous driving systems are seen as one of the most popular features for cars in recent times. Tesla‘s developing technology to lead the market with Mercedes, S-Class and the EQS models level 3 for autonomous driving system Drive Pilots ‘ market will last. 

While the system provides support up to a maximum speed of 60 km/h in traffic and highways, it offers a fully autonomous drive to the driver of the vehicle. If autonomous vehicles exceed the 60 km/h speed limit, the autopilot stops itself and delivers the vehicle to the driver. Drive Pilot also includes a monitor system that monitors the driver for drivers who go to sleep in the vehicle. This system monitors and warns the driver in dangerous situations such as precipitation.

It has been announced that Drive Pilot will be active only in Germany while allowing drivers to spare time for themselves. It is not known exactly when the system will be active in other countries.

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