MediaTek raises the bar: 4nm process is on the agenda


MediaTek, which has become the largest in the mobile chip world, raises the bar. While the company puts the 4nm process on the table, it is stated that the 3nm process is also among the plans.

MediaTek, which bears the leadership in the mobile chip market with its big attack last year, intensifies its studies. The company is about to make a move that can get ahead of its rival Qualcomm in the production process race.

MediaTek and 4nm

MediaTek, which achieved great success with its 5G-supported Dimensity chipset series, managed to complete last year ahead of Qualcomm. In this regard, the company wants to further its success.

According to the sources, the company has pressed the button for designs in the 4nm or even 3nm process. If things go well, he will have the chance to become one of TSMC’s first customers in the 4nm process. Sources think that Qualcomm can also get ahead in this sense.

MediaTek, which significantly increases 5G integration, will also use 5G technology in advanced chipsets. It is estimated that MediaTek will increase its customers significantly, thanks to the 4nm process, which will appeal mostly to high-end and flagship models. However, due to the high costs, there will be some price increase for these chips.

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