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Math Solver service, which solves math equations, is added to the Edge browser

Software giant Microsoft adds the Math Solver service to the Edge web browser to solve math equations in real time. 

It was known to integrate Microsoft’s math service Math Solver into the Edge browser. This change was revealed in the beta version of Edge 91 , and it is likely that the company’s browser will be available to a wide range of users soon .

Math Solver service helps users solve mathematical equations. The developers’ plan is to allow students to upload an equation image to the browser, then Microsoft’s AI (artificial intelligence ) algorithm will process the image and suggest solutions to the equation. Additionally, this tool will allow you to enter equations manually and also provide access to lessons and math exams.

It will provide great convenience to students

It’s worth noting that the Math Solver service exists as a web app and is also available for download on Android and iOS . It may not be as popular as Wolfram Alpha, but Math Solver can be more useful to users as it clearly shows the solution to the equation . It is currently unknown how Math Solver will appear in Edge , but the web app interface can give you an idea of what to expect from this integration .

The Microsoft blog says Math Solver integration in Edge was carried out to help students with limited access to information resources during the coronavirus outbreak. The tool is expected to be available with the release of the stable version of Edge 91 .

It’s worth noting that the innovation is currently in beta testing , so developers can postpone its launch if there are any difficulties with integration .

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