Mars helicopter took off for the first time: Here is the first photo that came

NASA today marked a new first in the history of space exploration. The Mars helicopter, named Ingenuity, went down in history as the first man-made vehicle to take off on another planet.

The happy ending has finally been reached in NASA’s Mars helicopter project. The tiny helicopter named Ingenuity achieved an important first by performing the first flight test on Mars today. Ingenuity made its mark as the first man-made vehicle to take off in another world . The shadow of the helicopter on the Martian surface can be seen in the first photo shared by NASA.

According to the statement made by NASA, the flight test of Ingenuity took place today at 10.30 A.M. It was stated that the helicopter stayed in the air for about 40 seconds and rose up to 3 meters from the surface. Meanwhile, Ingenuity spun its propellers faster than 2500 RPM .

Ingenuity’s first flight was followed by the Perseverance navigator in detail. Perseverance, 100 meters from the helicopter, photographed the testing process and shared these photos with the world. You can see the short gif below.

The Mars helicopter Ingenuity has opened a new era in the history of space exploration today. However, the test flights of the helicopter have not ended yet, of course. NASA said that Ingenuity will operate four different flights in just one month’s time frame. Target altitude will be increased in each of the test flights. NASA’s Ingenuity Project Manager MiMi Aung explained that the goal on the fourth flight is to reach an altitude of 50 meters . 

NASA sees the Ingenuity project, developed at a cost of $ 85 million, as just a first step. The space agency did not install any scientific equipment in the helicopter, which was developed as a purely technology test. There are only two high resolution cameras.  

Weighing 1.8 kilograms, Ingenuity has to spin its propellers about 10 times faster than a helicopter on Earth  (2500 RPM) due to the incredibly thin atmosphere on Mars  . NASA thinks that with helicopters like Ingenuity, the exploration process of Mars will accelerate tremendously. In the future, we  can see dozens of helicopters fly exploration on Mars based on the technologies used in Ingenuity  . 

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