Major productions coming to Prime Video following Amazon’s MGM acquisition

After Amazon’s acquisition of MGM, a lot of content will come to Prime Video. We have listed the most important ones for you. 

As you know, Amazon has officially announced that it has purchased MGM recently. As a result of this purchase, many content will be added to Amazon ‘s video streaming platform Amazon Prime Video . We have listed the prominent productions among them for you.


Inspired by the 1996 film of the same name by the Coen brothers and created by  Noah Hawley. , is among the important productions to come to Prime Video. The series, which deals with a different subject each season, received positive comments from many viewers, especially with its first seasons.


The series about Vikings, which started in 2013 and has become popular culture in the last few years, is one of MGM’s important productions. Written and produced by  Michael Hirs t, the series is  inspired by the life and stories of Viking Ragnar Lodbrok .

The Handmaid’s Tale

The dystopian series, which started in 2017, is based on Margaret Atwood ‘s novel of the same name. Bruce Miller is the creator of the series  . This series is currently on BluTV. It is not clear what will happen if the rights pass to Amazon. However, if a new season or spin-off series comes in the coming years, it will most likely be published on Amazon.

James Bond

Undoubtedly, one of MGM’s most popular and important brands is James Bond. Unfortunately, the upcoming movie No Time to Die and future movies don’t belong entirely to Amazon. . Therefore, even if released on Amazon, the productions will most likely be released in theaters first. However, old James Bond productions will come to Amazon.

The Hobbit

Adapted from JRR Tolkien ‘s successful novel of the same name, the film series is set in Middle-earth , although it is not as popular as The Lord of the Rings . That’s why it holds a special place for many Middle-earth fans. The Hobbit is one of the series that made its way to Amazon. 

The Pink Panther

We guess that Pink Panther is a series that most of our followers have encountered at some point in their lives and watched fondly .Especially with his cartoons, he won the admiration of many people. This series, which started in 1969, passes as a brand to Amazon.


The series of the same name, which is the continuation of the 1994 movie that connects the ancient Egyptian gods and aliens, is one of the productions that went to the Amazon. Most viewers know how important Stargate is in the science fiction genre. It wouldn’t be too bad if we actually see a reboot for this series from Amazon, except that this brand has moved to Amazon. .


Apart from the productions we have added to our list, dozens of more content will be transferred from MGM to Amazon . It is unknown if all of these will air on Prime Video. More details will be announced in the future. However, apart from the ones mentioned above, there are also productions that must be mentioned. Let’s add at least their names: Tomb Raider, Creed, Candyman, RoboCop and Rocky.

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