MacOS Monterrey introduced: Universal control, AirPlay to Mac, Shortcuts

 The macOS Monterrey update introduces new tab design in the Safari browser, cross-device universal control tools, AirPlay to Mac, Shortcuts, Focus, iCloud+.

Apple’s successful desktop platform macOS got its share from today’s rain of innovation. The company’s macOS Monterrey version includes many remarkable innovations. 

What is Universal Control?

The most remarkable innovation that came with the macOS Monterrey update, which will be the next stop for Mac systems, was Universal Control . The video of the feature, which allows the mouse and keyboard of a Mac device to be used with iPad and iPhone models, was also interesting. 

In the video , he was also able to control the iPad placed next to the touchpad component of a MacBook computer. When the cursor was slid towards the iPad screen, it smoothly transitioned to the iPad screen. In the next scene, an iMac was added to the set. The iMac mouse component migrated first to the MacBook display and then to the iPad display. 

This very interesting feature is accompanied by the AirPlay to Mac feature. This time, the cursor takes a photo frame from the iPad screen, bringing it first to the MacBook and then to the iMac screen. This feature also serves to remotely control the speakers of Mac computers with iPad. 

Safari and Shortcuts

In the iOS ecosystem, the Shortcuts feature, where users can automatically start tasks related to their favorite applications, has also come to Mac systems. With a single click, tasks such as starting a voice recording from a specific source, creating a GIF from a source, sharing files with designated people are quickly accomplished. Also, Automator tasks will be transferred to the Shortcuts feature from day one. 

Safari, on the other hand, provides dynamic color change in accordance with the themes of websites thanks to its new tab feature. Tab Grouping allows you to group tabs by type. These groups are synchronized instantly in the iOS Safari version. Finally, the Safari plug-in support works synchronously in iOS Safari applications. 

Other innovations

Other features that come with macOS Monterrey are Facetime spatial audio and noise canceling support, Quick Note that allows you to take quick notes while on any application or website, Activity View that shows the edits of collaborators in the Notes application, Focus where you can filter notification components according to the work you do, Facetime with SharePlay content sharing on the Internet, Live Text that can detect text in photos, iCloud+ support, spatial audio support on Apple M1, and preventing data collection in the e-mail service. macOS Monterrey is in beta starting today and will be available in the fall. 

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