Locked Folder feature has come to Google Photos

Google announced at the I / O 2021 event that they are introducing a new Locked Folder feature in Google Photos for photos whose security is suspected. 


Google shares the new features it has brought to its products with the I / O 2021 event. Google Photos will start introducing a new feature called Locked Folder that allows you to hide certain photos that you don’t want to appear in your photo gallery or other apps .

Locked Folder in Google Photos

The new feature draws attention with its ease of use. Photos added to the Locked Folder cannot be viewed in the gallery later. Locked Folder can be opened using a PIN or fingerprint sensor.

Thanks to this feature, even if you give the phone to someone else, you will not be able to access photos that you do not want to be seen. There will also be options to delete a photo in Locked Folder and move it out of the folder.

Google says this feature will be available on Pixels phones first, but will be available on more Android devices throughout the year.

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