Lisa SU confirms mobile RX 6000 series will arrive this quarter


The hardware world expects powerful mobile graphics cards from AMD. Speaking at the investor conference, Lisa SU confirmed that mobile cards will arrive in the current quarter.

After the desktop RX 6000 series, which can not be found on the shelves at the right price , eyes are on mobile options.

Speaking at the investor conference held recently, Lisa SU, sitting in the CEO chair of AMD, gave good news for the players.

RDNA 2 architecture mobile cards near

According to SU, laptops powered by RDNA 2 architecture mobile cards will meet with users in the second quarter of the current year .

Although no laptop with the RX 6000M has appeared so far, the RX 6600M was found between the lines of AMD’s driver.

The RX 6700M and RX 6800M, which will rise above the Navi 23 GPU, are thought to be a good option for 1440p gaming laptops, which are slowly gaining popularity these days .


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