LG officially ended phone production, will now produce home appliances


 Announcing that it will close its smartphone division last April and withdraw from this market, South Korean LG has officially stopped producing smartphones today. 

LG , one of the technology giants , officially announced that it was closing its smartphone division in April . However, the company’s phone and tablet production has only been officially stopped today .

LG’s goal is to become a leading home appliance manufacturer

It is known that the company continues to support existing devices. Premium models will receive three years of software support. Some smartphones will even be upgraded to Android 12 and Android 13 . Users will also be able to receive after-sales service for four years from the date of manufacture of the device .

Meanwhile, the LG Factory in Haiphon , Vietnam , the hub of smartphone manufacturing , is turning into a home appliance manufacturing facility. The company has decided to become the largest manufacturer of household appliances and already has good financial performance in this area . The factory in Haiphong was founded in 2015 and produces TVs and household appliances in addition to phones . Also, sister companies LG Innotek and LG Display produce camera modules and displays here.


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