Korean manufacturers introduced fast wireless charging standard for electric vehicles: 80% in an hour

At the meeting held by the Korean Technology and Standards Agency, manufacturers presented wireless fast charging standards for electric vehicles.

As always, at the initial stage of the introduction of new technologies, several standards coexist on the market, but over time some converge is observed. When it comes to electric vehicles, this is twice as important. Because automotive companies are in a hurry to switch to electric vehicle production. This is an improvement that requires standardization, including charging methods.

The idea of wireless charging of electric vehicles is not only related to the development of urban transport, but also to the autopilot features of the vehicles. Because the driver must be able to charge the batteries of electric vehicles independently during sleep and rest. Wireless technology makes this easier than any robotic arm connecting the plug of the charging cable to the socket of an electric vehicle.

5 km can be traveled with 1 minute charge

Business Korea states that international standards organizations are preparing to consider five competing technologies for wireless charging of electric vehicles. Three of these are offered by Japanese companies, but they limit the power to 11 kW. This means that it will take longer to charge the battery, as with cable charging.

Korean companies offered wireless charging technology that delivers up to 50 kW of power and recharges 80% of the average electric vehicle’s battery in about an hour. In the case of urban electric transportation, a wireless charger placed on the road surface at a traffic light will be able to charge the vehicle enough to travel a distance of 5 km during one minute of standby. The meeting of the international commission will take place in July this year, and Korean companies expect to forward their offers to producers.

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