Kojima’s latest game Death Stranding earned 23 million Euros from PC alone

Control, Death Stranding has announced the revenues of 505 Games, which publishes many more games, from the games published in 2020.

Some financial results of Digital Bros, which is a subsidiary of 505 Games, which publishes Control, Death Stranding and many more games, have been announced for 2020.

In the shared image, we can see that Death Stranding, which Kojima developed exclusively for PlayStation 4 but was later announced for PC, earned 23 million Euros from sales made on PC alone. Considering that the game was published in July 2020, we can say that it earned this revenue in about 5 months. Let us remind you that 2021 income is not included in 23 million Euros.

When we look at the list, we can see Control, one of the successful productions of 2019, which is another important game. While Control earned 16 million Euros in the second half of 2020, we see that it earned 23 million Euros in the second half of 2019, the year it was released. So when we look at the same period, we can see that the sales of the game decreased a little after 1 year, which is quite normal. Finally, Assetto Corsa earned approximately 9 million Euros and Ghostrunner approximately 7 million Euros.

It is known that Kojima’s studio Kojima Productions is currently working on a new game. After the release of Death Stranding, it was announced that they had earned enough money to make a new game.

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