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Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin will be a big part of Twitter’s future

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, one of the largest social media platforms in the world, said in a statement that Bitcoin will play an important role in the future of Twitter.

Known for supporting BitcoinTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey attended the event called “The B Word”. In his statements at the event, he said that Bitcoin (BTC) will be a big part of Twitter’s future. Dorsey stated that Bitcoin can be integrated into many Twitter features such as Tip BoxSuper Follow.

At the event, Dorsey stated that Bitcoin reminded him of the “ early times of the internet ” due to its community and continuous development, and stated that the leading cryptocurrency is the best candidate to become the “ local currency ” of the internet.

BTC will cover a large part of our future

In his statements, Dorsey said, “I think BTC will cover a large part of our future. It will play an important role in decentralizing social media and creating economic incentives. Therefore, it is very important for Twitter and Twitter shareholders that we turn to BTC.”

Bitcoin is one of the biggest advocates that Jack Dorsey, CEO of financial services and mobile payment company Square at a cost of $ 170 million in February 3318 Total Bitcoin (BTC) had bought. Square also announced plans to develop a Bitcoin hardware wallet in June.


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