It will be easier to reopen closed tabs in Google Chrome


Tested in future versions of Chrome, the new feature will make it easier for you to bring back tabs you accidentally closed. Google is working on a menu that can be accessed practically.

New features continue to come to Chrome, which dominates the browser market. The feature added to the Canary version will make it easier to bring back closed tabs.

More advanced shortcut than keyboard shortcut

Currently, the last closed tabs can be brought back with the shortcut ctrl + shift + t, and this function can be accessed by right clicking on the browser title bar.

The latest Google Chrome Canary version will make this function more practical and functional. By clicking on the downward triangle icon added to the browser title bar, the desired last closed tab can be brought back.

In addition to the practicality provided by the shortcut, the ability to select which tab to restore will increase the usefulness of Chrome. Finally, since the feature is in the Canary version, we can say that it will be available for general use in the coming period.

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