It looks like a new subscription service is coming for PlayStation owners: PlayStation Plus Video Pass


Sony recently published information about the subscription service PlayStation Plus Video Pass in Poland by mistake. You can find the details in our news.

As you know, Sony has a subscription service for the PlayStation console called PlayStation Plus . By paying a monthly fee to this service, you can access both the online mode of the games and a few different games are presented monthly . It looks like a new feature is being added to my site.

A new system called  PlayStation Plus Video Pass appeared on PlayStation Plus ‘s Polish website in the past hours . According to the authors, PlayStation Plus owners will be able to access it for free between April 22, 2021 and April 22, 2022 . 

According to the presentation, Sony will add the films it publishes to the PlayStation Plus Video Pass system and PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to watch these films. It is not surprising that such a system is coming, as these films are ultimately linked to Sony , but no details are yet known.

If the dates in the image are correct, this system will be explained in detail at the latest tomorrow evening . PlayStation was known to have an answer to Xbox Game Pass . With this innovation and innovations in this style , it will inevitably be a rival to the Xbox Game Pass .

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