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Israel Central Bank Reportedly May Use Ethereum (ETH) for Digital Currency (CBDC)

Bank of Israel plans to issue a digital shekel using Vitalik Buterin’s blockchain platform Ethereum

Bank of Israel plans to issue a digital shekel using Vitalik Buterin’s blockchain platform Ethereum .

According to a Bloomberg report, the Bank of Israel plans to use Ethereum, the second-largest blockchain platform, to launch a digital version of Israel’s currency, the shekel. Although the news was quoted by Israel’s daily finance magazine Globes, no official statement has yet been received from the bank.

Currently, other major countries are trying to develop a digital version of their currencies. While China is working on the DCEP, Japan, South Korea, France and the EU have also made public their intentions to launch CBDCs (central bank digital currencies).

Previously, the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Israel referred to Bitcoin as a “pyramid scam.”

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