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IPhone users are “digital slaves,” according to Durov, founder of VK and Telegram.

Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov said iPhone models are outdated and cannot cope with Android devices. According to Durov, Apple is a totalitarian company. 


It was revealed yesterday that Apple gave Chinese authorities almost complete access to the personal data of users in the country . Today, Pavel Durov, the creator of the VKontakte social network and Telegram application, spoke about this. According to the businessman, it is not surprising that Apple is working with the Chinese government .

Durov says that every time he had to use an iPhone to test Telegram , he felt he was going back to the Middle Ages . Telegram’s creator thinks Apple devices are outdated and their price tags are too high . According to Durov, the 60Hz screens of iPhone devices cannot compete with the 120Hz screens of flagship Android phones that support  much smoother animations .

Apple leaves need for its own ecosystem

However, according to the founder of Telegram, Apple’s worst part is that the company needs iPhone users for its own ecosystem . Only iCloud can be used to back up data, and application options are limited to software in the App Store . Therefore, the Russian entrepreneur thinks that iPhone users are ” digital slaves ” of the company .

According to Durov, given all the above arguments , it is not surprising that Apple’s totalitarian approach to its platforms is invaluable by the Chinese Communist Party , which now has free access to the data of Chinese citizens thanks to the Apple company .

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