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iPhone 13 goes into mass production

According to information from Chinese sources, Foxconn, which assembles Apple smartphones, is about to start mass production of the iPhone 13.

Chinese sources coming soon to Foxconn iPhone 13 reported that it will start mass production of smartphones. This important information is attributed to the increase in bonuses for employees .

Foxconn will give bonuses to its employees

Foxconn’s recruitment announcement for the iPhone-producing factory in Zhengzhou includes the following information : If employees work on the production line for 90 days, they will receive a bonus of $ 1,165 . The source states that the size of the bonus has increased for the fourth time in a short period of time . At the end of March, this amount was only $ 545. The bonus increased to $ 930 on April 15, and $ 1,010 from April 26.

iPhone 13 goes into mass production -AronBoss

Insider information leaking resources, the increase in bonuses for employees of Foxconn, the next generation iPhone ‘s preparations for the series production of the smart phone is a direct indicator is definitely confident. The introduction of the iPhone 13 is expected in September this year . In the technical characteristic features of the device, Apple A15 chipset 120 Hz Samsung AMOLED display, 8 GB of up RAM and 1 TB is from storage.

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