iPadOS 15 and iOS 15 features leaked: This will be the biggest update to the home screen

With the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 updates, new features for iPhone and iPads have emerged. While major changes are expected on the main screen on the iPad wing, the following features are on the way for iPhones:

The features of the iPadOS 15 and iOS 15 versions, which Apple will announce on June 7, have been revealed. Apple is working on updates that include the redesigned iPad home screen, updated lock screen, additional privacy protections and different notification preferences.

This will be the biggest update ever for the iPad home screen

Widgets that can only be used in the today’s image column on the left of the screen on iPads can now be placed on the home screen as well . According to the information obtained, users will be able to use any widget on the home screen, just like in iOS 14. Moreover, the entire page will be allowed to be filled with widgets. Gurman states that this change will be the biggest change ever made to the iPad home screen .

New features on the way with iOS 15

With the iOS 15 update, it turned out that new features for iPhones are also on the way. It is said that with iOS 15, iPhone users can customize their notification preferences according to their current status . Accordingly, users who select one of the categories that include various situations such as “sleeping”, “working” or “driving” will be able to determine whether the iPhone will make a sound in case of a notification in these situations. Users will be able to choose their current status from the renewed lock screen or control center, as well as through Siri. There will also be an option to automatically reply to messages depending on the users’ current status.

It is said that with iOS 15 , significant improvements will be made in the iMessage wing. Reports show that Apple is working to make iMessage behave like a social network in order to compete with WhatsApp . However, what features are added to iMessage, it is unclear for now.

Finally, both iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 will reportedly have additional privacy protections , including a new menu that shows which apps are silently collecting data .

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