iOS 14 version reaches 90 percent adoption rate


The iOS 14 version, which was launched last September, has been installed on 90 percent of compatible devices in 7 months. Now, the expectation for a new version has begun.

A single ecosystem and a single line of devices in each category enables very rapid adoption of the iOS operating system. Also, updates and patches reach a very large part of the ecosystem. The iOS 14 version is like this.

Reached 90 percent

According to the analysis, the iOS 14 version, including the iPadOS platform, reached 90 percent of compatible devices in total. He achieved this in a period of about 7 months. In the same period, the iOS 13 version also fell to the lowest level.

With the launch of WWDC 2020, iOS 14, which started first in closed beta and then open beta, was already on the rise. It has entered a rapid process since September, when it was opened for public use. The version, which hit 86 percent in February, returned to a straight line and was only able to add 4 points.

Those waiting for a new release as the WWDC 2021 event is approaching, or those who do not update because they are considering upgrading to a new model are probably the remaining 10 percent. A new cycle will begin with iOS 15.

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