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Intel will rename manufacturing techniques to catch the market

Semiconductor manufacturer Intel has been on the agenda with the news of delay in the transition to new nodes in recent years. A different solution is on the way to the situation that attracts the reaction of the users.

The blue team is being criticized by users for their delayed news, especially after AMD’s rapid transition to 7 nm thanks to a handshake with TSMC.

Intel can change the nomenclature of manufacturing technique

According to the latest news, the company will try to correct this situation with the new strategy it will follow in naming production nodes. While no details on the new naming have been shared yet, Chelsea Hughes of Intel has pointed to the inconsistency and confusion in naming manufacturing techniques in the industry.

However, according to Hughes, the current nanometer nomenclature does not accurately reflect the latest innovations at the transistor level. There is a counterpart to this view in the hardware world as well. It has been argued for a long time that Intel’s 14 nm is better than the 14 nm process of TSMC, as well as various tests have shown.

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