Intel will allow Gear Ratio change in Alder Lake

Before the upcoming DDR5 supported Alder Lake processors, an important detail about memory management has been revealed. Gear Ratio can also be adjusted in 10 nm models.

The Gear 2 mode offered with Rocket Lake will apparently continue with the current DDR5 standard in the next generation .

Gear 1-2 mode will continue to be available

Thanks to the Gear 1-2 option offered by Intel’s 11th generation processors, users who need high memory bandwidth can take the memory controllers of their processors to Gear 2 and increase the memory frequency for higher latency.

The latest patch to HWInfo64 revealed that Intel will also allow Gear Ratio change in Alder Lake . However, it is not yet known whether improvements will be made to determine Gear Ratio.

Although it is currently a disadvantage for gamers, some professional applications can take advantage of the Gear 2’s high frequencies. With DDR5 RAMs up to 8400 MHz, the areas where Gear 2 will yield may increase.

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