Intel Tiger Lake Refresh coming for slim laptops

Users expect Tiger Lake-H, Intel is working on Tiger Lake-U based refresh generation. Chips will be at the heart of slim notebooks in the upcoming period.

It seems that Intel is planning a refresh generation for its low-power Tiger Lake-U processors. While Tiger Lake-H is waiting, the arrival of Tiger Lake-U Refresh will annoy users.

Tiger Lake-U Refresh

The Tiger Lake-U processor family developed by Intel for thin laptops can be refreshed. The chips that are expected to increase in frequency will take place in the first notebooks after the third quarter of this year.

In addition to the mobile Alder Lake processors, which are expected to be introduced in the second half of the year, TGL-R solutions are likely to take place as low-power consumption alternatives .

On the other hand, the first solutions powered by Tiger Lake-H (H45) processors are expected to be introduced 2 weeks later. Finally, although it is claimed that no refresh is planned for the Tiger Lake-H35 family , refresh chips such as Core i7-11390H have surfaced before .

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