Intel and Microsoft shield against cryptocurrency attacks

Intel threat detection technology – TDT will now begin to detect software that is stealthily trying to mine your computer using artificial intelligence.

The fact that the cryptocurrency world attracts a huge amount of investors has not gone unnoticed by cyber attackers. The easiest way to earn money in this period is to install hidden mining software on users’ computers.

Intel and Microsoft join forces

The fact that the crypto money market has reached a value of more than $ 2 trillion today and has a daily transaction volume of $ 200 billion attracted the attention of cyber attackers. Studies have found a shift from ransomware to stealth mining software.

Intel threat detection technology – TDT, which is part of the Intel Hardware Shield platform, has long been used for accelerated memory scanning under Microsoft Defender for Endpoint . From now on, he will also be on the alert against hidden mining software.

The mining software that cyber attackers place on users’ computers over phishing sites or mails, is digging crypto money by consuming resources without permission. The costs of consumption are also billed to the user.

Intel TDT technology tries to detect mining-oriented activities by combining processor parameters and machine learning language. When it detects, it sends signals to run certain workflows and the user’s computer is protected. Thus, it is prevented from infecting other computers. There is no performance degradation during this process either.

The new mining detection feature is built into the new Intel Core and Intel vPro processors. There is no need for any installation or IT department effort. A much more effective defense can be made with remote management support.

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