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Instagram’s new precision content control will let you decide what you want to see

Thanks to the new sensitive settings brought by Instagram, users will be able to decide for themselves what kind of content they will see in the explore tab. Details of the new feature are in our news…

Instagram will give users more control over what type of content they see in their account settings, thanks to a new sensitive content control option. Announced by Instagram, the feature will allow people to decide whether they see more or less of certain types of content.

Instagram says it may make changes that limit the number of sensitive content people see when browsing the explore tab, but that those under 18 won’t be able to use the same features as the rest of the age range for obvious reasons.

What are the usage details of the feature?

To view your sensitive content control, go to your profile, tap the Settings menu in the upper right corner, click the tab named Account, then enter Sensitive Content Control. In the settings that come up, you will see the options “Allow, Limit, and Limit Even More”. So you can decide to limit the current sensitive content settings as you wish. Let’s add that you can change these settings at any time.

You may not see the new content limiter feature in your own account. Although Instagram has announced the feature now, it may not be 100% active for everyone. It will be there when you check again later.

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