Instagram tests sending two-factor authentication code from WhatsApp

Instagram is testing sending two-factor authentication codes from WhatsApp. With the new shipping option, you will be able to access the verification code even if you do not have access to the phone. 

Social media giant Instagram:’s two-factor authentication turned out to work on a new option. WhatsApp may soon be added to the text message, login requests and backup code options currently available for verification codes.

It can be convenient in situations where there is no access to the phone

Famous for his accurate leaks on social media, Alessandro Paluzzi shared that Instagram was testing the option of sending authentication codes from WhatsApp, with a tweet with screenshots.

The shared screenshots reveal that SMS verification must be enabled first to use the feature, which is still under development.

Soon WhatsApp multi-device support Considering that it will be available, this feature will be a good alternative in cases where there is no access to the host device .

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