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Instagram starts showing ads on Reels

Instagram Reels, which was announced in August last year, will now start showing ads to users. As users browse Reels videos, advertisements will appear as in stories.

Instagram started showing ads in the Reels feature. Ads tested in some countries will appear in more countries over the coming months. Ads will appear when users switch between videos on Reels.

Sticker-style ads will come to Facebook Stories

Instagram Reels ads will be up to 30 seconds long and will work like a regular Reels video. Users will be able to like, save, share and comment on the ads that will be displayed in full screen.

According to the shared image, the ads may also include buttons such as ‘Buy now’.

In addition to bringing ads to Instagram Reels, Facebook will also introduce a new ad format that looks like stickers on Facebook Stories . The stickers to be created by the brands will contain links where users who share these stickers in their stories will be directed to specific pages where their followers can buy that product.

According to Facebook, this feature will currently be available to a group of advertisers and creators.

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