Instagram offers offensive messages filtering


Instagram will launch a new tool through which users can filter offensive posts. This feature primarily targets influencers and celebrities who receive a high number of comments and messages.

In the near future, the Instagram social network will begin analyzing offensive expressions, words and emojis and automatically filtering offensive messages . Users will be able to add words they do not want to see to the list.

Note that the new tool can be activated optionally . Initially it will only be available in some countries and later the list of regions will expand . The filter can be activated at any time and can be disabled by the user when desired .

Other new features are also being tested

Additionally, Instagram will launch a feature that will allow users to block the spammer ‘s account and any subsequent accounts created by that person after they are blocked . This tool worldwide in the coming weeks usage is expected to be presented.

Note that, last week , Instagram launched another test that allows users to independently disable the likes counter under posts .

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