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Infinix Zero X model comes with 160W fast charging

In the smartphone model leaked as Infinix Zero X, 160W fast charging has been finalized. 50W wireless charging, curved AMOLED screen is among the leaked information.

Infinix, one of the sub-brands of the Chinese Transsion holding, is preparing to sign an important business. Infiniz Zero X flagship model is assertive enough to leave all its competitors behind in fast charging. 

What will Infinity Zero X offer?

It was also shared by the company that the model, which is expected to be called Infinity Zero X , will offer 160W fast charging technology. Infinix is ​​generally a cost-conscious brand, but it’s surprising that it offers fast charging technology at the far end of the market. We usually see 125W fast charging technology in flagships, and Xiaomi will soon introduce 200W fast charging technology. Infinix seems to be ahead in this regard. 

It is claimed that the model, which will have a curved AMOLED screen, will offer 50W wireless charging, which is a very ambitious level. Apart from that, the phone’s configuration and camera resolutions are currently unknown. 

The new flagship of the Infinix brand, which is also sold in our country, has already aroused great curiosity. With good marketing and pricing, it is possible to reach significant sales figures, including our country. 

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