Iconic model now electric: Ford F-150 Lightning officially introduced

The most popular model in the North American market now also has an all-electric option. The F-150 Lightning, which is unveiled today, will be available next year. Here are all the details: 

Ford recently removed the cover on the all-electric F-150 Lightning model, with which it shared hint images. The electric F-150 Lightning will be available in the US at a wide price range of $ 40,000 to $ 90,000. Of course, these prices do not include the $ 7500 incentive in the country.

The F-150 Lightning’s shutter, which is designed as a closed panel, has three different designs according to the preferred equipment level. The light strip that stretches across the front is among the details that attract attention. There is also a light strip at the rear that connects the stops, but this detail is only included in the upper packages.

The new Ford F-150 Lightning can only be preferred with a double cabin body type called SuperCrew. The case of this version is approximately 168 cm long. The electric model, which is 2.54 cm longer and 4.30 cm higher than its combustion-engined sibling, has the same width and wheelbase.

What does the Ford F-150 Lightning offer?

Two different lithium-ion battery options are offered in the electric Ford F-150 Lightning. In the option, called the standard range, a driving range of 370 kilometers is targeted according to EPA measurements . In the option named long range, the targeted range with a fully charged battery is 482 kilometers . The company did not disclose the capacity of the batteries, but it is estimated at 115 kWh and 150 kWh.

F-150 Lightning offers two different power options, 426 horsepower and 563 horsepower . The torque value is the same in both options as 1050 Nm . The all-electric F-150s  will be sold with a dual-engine layout,  all-wheel drive system, and independent rear suspension, which is the first time we’ve seen it on the F-150 . Ford says the long-range option completes acceleration from 0-100 km / h in around 4.5 seconds , which means we’re looking at the fastest F-150 ever.

It is possible to gain a range of 87 kilometers in 10 minutes with the 150 kW fast charge to the large battery in the electric F-150  , or to reach 80 percent from 15 percent in 41 minutes. With chargers that can be installed at home for an extra fee, this period can be up to 13 hours. As Ford stated before, it is also possible to supply electricity to the house in case of any interruption with the battery of the F-150 Lightning. In fact, the company states that the large battery will last about 3 days to charge.

Like its internal combustion sibling, the electric F-150 has a built-in generator to power various tools and devices. As can be guessed, the generator draws energy from the battery. In this way, it is very easy to provide the necessary energy through a total of 11 power outlets in the front storage area, cabin and chassis of the vehicle . The charge rate of the battery can be monitored through the FordPass application, if it falls below 33 percent, a warning is sent to the driver.

When we look at the load carrying and trailer towing capacities, we see that the version with standard range has a towing capacity of 2.5 tons and a load capacity of 1 ton. The towing capacity can be increased up to 3.85 tons as an option. The long-range F-150 Lightning has a towing capacity of 5 tons and a payload of approximately 925 kilograms. The fact that the last value is slightly less than the standard range version is due to the weight of the battery. Finally, up to 200 kilograms of goods can be transported in the storage area in the front section.

Big screens draw attention in the interior of the electric Ford F-150 Lightning. There is a 12-inch digital instrument panel just in front of the driver. In the middle, we see a 12-inch touchscreen multimedia screen at XLT level. On the top packs, there is a 15.5-inch screen that is vertically positioned like the Mustang Mach-E, powered by Ford’s Sync 4A system. The vehicle has 4 driving modes, Normal, Sport, Off-Road and Towing, and there is also an artificial engine sound.

BlueCruise, a hands-free driving technology focused on highway driving, works on the electric F-150. It is stated that even the performance can be improved in this way in the vehicle, which also offers over-the-air support for wireless updates.

The Ford F-150 Lightning will be available in the US in the first half of next year.

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