IBM produced the world’s first 2nm chip

Tech giant IBM has announced that it has produced the world’s first 2nm chip, and the company claims that 2nm processors will consume 75 percent less power than 7nm processors.

IBM announced a significant breakthrough in computer processors by creating a 2nm chip in its test lab . The process used to make computer chips is measured in nanometers (nm) and a lower number usually means a leap forward .

IBM claims that the test chip can improve performance by 45% over existing 7nm products in the market . The company also stated that this chip, which is more energy efficient, consumes 75% less energy . The company says it squeezed 50 billion transistors into a fingernail-sized chip .

Can revolutionize

It has also been stated that the technology can ” quadruple ” cell phone battery life, and phones may only need to be recharged every four days . The computer chip industry used the nanometer (one billionth of a meter) to measure the physical size of transistors . Today, a lower “nm” number is widely used as a marketing term to describe new generations of technology leading to better performance and lower power .

IBM announced that the test chip for the 2nm process was made in the Albany research laboratory in the United States . Thanks to such processors , the performance of portable computers will increase and they will also find wide application in the automotive industry, artificial intelligence , space exploration, 5G and 6G, as well as quantum computing.

It is not yet known when the 2nm chips will be commercially available . However, this will probably not be sooner than a few years .

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