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Huge collaboration from Nvidia and MediaTek

Nvidia and MediaTek, one of the giant names in the mobile chip industry, are joining forces. We will soon be seeing an ARM computer with RTX graphics.

MediaTek, the new star of the mobile chip market, made a surprise announcement this week. ARM’s new owner Nvidia takes the first step to strengthen the ecosystem with the Grace platform, while also making an important cooperation with MediaTek.

Nvidia and MediaTek in one

According to the announcement made at Nvidia’s GTC 2021 event, Nvidia and MediaTek companies aim to develop ARM-based computers equipped with RTX technologies. The collaboration will bring serious graphics acceleration to the ARM world.

It is stated that two companies have prepared a reference laptop platform within the scope of the cooperation. It is stated that support for Chromium, Linux and Nvidia software development tools will be provided on this platform.

We do not yet know what awaits us, but MediaTek chipsets combined with RTX technologies are likely to be. AMD and Samsung are also known to develop an Exynos chipset with Radeon graphics. In this respect, it is clear that we will enter into a tight competition.

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