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Huge agreement from Huawei covering 30 million vehicles of Volkswagen

Trying to get rid of US pressure, Huawei signed a license agreement for 4G technology with a supplier of Volkswagen Group. More than 30 million models will use Huawei’s technology.

Struggling with US sanctions , Huawei is looking for different ways out. In this context, the Chinese technology giant, which turned its face to the automotive world, signed one of the biggest agreements in this field.

In the statement made by the company, it was stated that Huawei signed a license agreement with a supplier of Volkswagen Group . Under the agreement, Huawei’s 4G wireless technology will be used in more than 30 million vehicles belonging to the Volkswagen Group . These technologies are very important for multimedia systems, driver assistance systems and other advanced systems in today’s vehicles.

This agreement is just one of Huawei’s steps towards getting rid of US pressure and monetizing 4G and 5G wireless technologies. It is stated that this is the biggest licensing agreement of the Chinese technology giant in the automotive world. On the other hand, other details of the agreement and with which supplier it was signed are not clear yet.

“We welcome that the world’s leading information communications technology company has licensed one of our suppliers for standards-based mobile communications patents. This licensing in the supply chain is a demonstration of how the growing collaboration between the mobility industry and the information and communications industry can succeed,” said Volkswagen in a statement. ” statements were included.

Huawei is the largest company in China for standard-based patents (SEP) for 4G and 5G communications technologies. It is stated that the technology giant has signed more than 100 patent license agreements in the last 20 years. Turning its face to the automotive world, Huawei is looking for new customers in this field as well.

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