Huawei showed for the first time the flagship P50, which will come out of the box with HarmonyOS

 Chinese technology giant Huawei unveiled the long-awaited flagship smartphone Huawei P50 at the launch of HarmonyOS. 

During the Harmony OS 2.0 product launch, Huawei provided a few details about its upcoming P50 flagship family.

Huawei P50 launch date not announced

Richard Yu released the first official promotional video of the brand’s top smartphones in 2021, where we were able to officially see its design for the first time with two round Leica camera modules. He added that it will be an ultra-thin solution with a great camera and all the features of Harmony OS 2.0 .

Meanwhile, the first series of smartphones to come out of the box with Harmony OS will be the Huawei P50 . However, Huawei has not yet made a statement on the launch date . Therefore, unfortunately, we will be able to learn about the company’s plans for the P50 series later.

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