Huawei plans to buy one of the Chinese electric car manufacturers

It is reported that Huawei will buy one of the Chinese car brands to produce its own electric cars. According to Reuters, there are Seres and ArcFox among the candidates.

Chinese technology giant Huawei aims to make serious progress in electric cars . The company may purchase one of the small car manufacturers under this project .

According to Reuters, Huawei is in talks to buy one of the electric car companies based in China . One of the candidates is Seres under the Sokon holding and the other is ArcFox , operating under the roof of the BAIC Group .

Collaboration with both brands

Let us remind you that Huawei is currently cooperating efficiently with these companies . Both brands use Huawei’s operating system in their cars’ multimedia systems .

In addition, Huawei sells Seres’ electric cars through its own retail network . It is also a minority shareholder of Arcfox . Huawei is expected to launch its first self-designed electric car this year.

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