Huawei patents hinge design similar to Microsoft Surface Book

Technology giant Huawei is looking for a solution to the problem of foldable smartphones not being able to be positioned properly horizontally on a flat surface with a new patent.

According to a patent filed on October 22, 2019 and published on April 29, 2021, Huawei is working on a hinge design for foldable smartphones similar to the design featured in the Microsoft Surface Book .

New hinge design for foldable smartphones

According to a recent patent, Huawei is looking for a solution to the problem that foldable smartphones can not be positioned flat on a table due to the size of their hinges.

In the patent: “The hinge assembly includes a row of interconnected and adjacent hinge blades and at least one linear actuator. When the hinge assembly is in the unfolded position, the hinge blades are aligned in a common plane. When the hinge assembly moves to the folded position and reaches the final position, each hinge blade is adjacent to the adjacent hinge. According to the blade, the hinge assembly rotates around the axis of rotation. ” include statements.

Huawei stated that the advantage of this system is that the hinge can be easily rotated without any effort and can be securely locked in the unfolded position or in the folded end position.

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