Huawei halts production of entry and mid-range smartphone models

 Huawei’s face is not smiling. Following the US sanctions, the company was also hit by the global chip crisis and had to stop producing low-priced smartphones. 

Reports continue to come from China that a small number of Huawei smartphones remain in stores, but the company has stopped producing low-cost models due to a lack of components .

US sanctions for Huawei made it impossible to purchase the necessary components for smartphone models . The situation has been exacerbated by the global chip shortage that has forced the company to forego smartphones in the cheap to mid-range price ranges .

Uses the chip stock on flagships

Chinese store employees have confirmed that Huawei now sells significantly fewer smartphones than a few months ago . The only problem is not just not being able to find Huawei smartphones in stores . Even if you find the model you are interested in, it seems unlikely that you will be lucky with the color and amount of memory required .

The source adds that by visiting five Huawei stores , it found only four Huawei smartphone models in total . Another striking part of the business is that prices are increasing and mostly only old models are out of stock . According to media reports, Huawei ‘s current chip stock is only used in high-end flagship models.

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