How much money Epic Games spends for free games given weekly revealed

It has been announced how much money Epic Games, which gives free games or games to players every week, spends to give these games for free.

As you know , Epic Games, a digital game platform, has managed to rival Steam in PC gaming with its various breakthroughs. One of these breakthroughs is the free games it gives weekly. So how much money is Epic Games losing for these free games?

As you know, there is currently a lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games . In the last few days, many documents have started to emerge due to this lawsuit and it seems that there will be more. The last document also shows how much Epic Games spends on free games.

According to leaked documents, Epic Games spent a total of $ 11.5 million for free games it gave from December 14, 2018 to September 26, 2019 . Let us remind you that between these dates, Epic Games gave away a game every two weeks, not every week . 

Most Money Spent on Batman Arkham Series

In this 9-month period, Epic Games spent the most money in Batman Arkham series and it spent 1.5 million dollars in total. In the week that the Batman Arkham series was given free of charge, 613,912 people registered to Epic Games . The second game on which he spends the most money is  Subnautica . He also spent $ 1.4 million on him, and 804,052 people signed up for Epic Games that week. 

The free games provided by Epic Games definitely seem to pay off. However, more recently, especially in 2020, how much they spent and how many members they gained is a bigger curiosity. You can find the full list below

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