High Hopes initiative prepares to use hot air balloons to capture carbon


The High Hopes initiative, established to operate in the field of carbon capture, is preparing to use hot air balloons to capture CO2 in the atmosphere.

An initiative established with a German-Israeli partnership is also preparing to contribute to the carbon capture solution, which has been implemented within the scope of combating climate change and where different alternatives have emerged. Hot air balloons are at the center of the solution announced by the High Hopes initiative on April 22, which is considered to be World Day.

According to company founder Eran Oren, who says that the carbon capture methods used under normal conditions are effective, but they are not efficient due to the use of too many resources , the most rational solution is hidden in mother nature . Oren’s solution lies in capturing CO2 in the tropopause, the region between the troposphere and stratosphere, and seizing greenhouse gas frozen. Stating that CO2 freezing at -80 degrees Celsius cools down to -60’s thanks to the strong winds in the region, Oren stated that the ideal temperature can be reached with a very little additional energy consumption.

Saying that the solid CO2 that is still in the air can be captured more easily in the air , the manager says that large amounts of greenhouse gas can be captured and stored and brought to the ground. CO2 to be confined in special pressure tanks can then be stored if desired, or given to companies that use CO2 in their production activities. These include organizations that use CO2 to produce agriculture or jet fuel.

Oren’s goal is to capture a ton of CO2 per day with each balloon. It is not known how effective the High Hopes solution will be in today’s conditions, where an average of 117 million tons of CO2 is released into the atmosphere every day, but such initiatives allow us to look to the future with hope.

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