HDD / SSDs are also getting out of hand: The new cryptocurrency is being mined with HDDs / SSDs

While the hardware world cannot overcome the shock of stock shortages, new ones continue to be added to the list. Next to Router and LAN / Audio chips, then HDD / SSDs.

With the effect of the pandemic, there is an explosion of demand for many equipment . More and more surprising equipment is added to the stock shortage list day by day.

Developed by Bittorent’s founder Bram Cohen , Chia is based on the space and time proof model, unlike Bitcoin’s proof-of-work model.

With Chia, SSDs and HDDs are also under threat

At the launch of Chia coin, the energy spent to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum has reached frightening proportions. It is excavated with Chia HDDs and SSDs that are environmentally friendly and can be mined at a lower cost .

Price increase is expected

However, the negativities of the new crypto money will still attract users. So much so that according to the latest reports in China, miners have already begun to wipe out 8 and 16 TB capacity HDDs on the market . This is expected to result in a price increase in the range of USD 26-76 in the coming

On the other hand, resistance to continuous read / write operations plays a key role in miners’ attack on HDDs rather than on user SSDs .

Although this poses a threat to more durable SSDs developed for data centers rather than solid state drives for end users, miners seem sworn to buy whatever is on the shelf .

 According to Jiahe Jinwei, one of the major SSD manufacturers in China, the stocks of the 1/2 TB capacity members of the company’s high-performance Gloway and Asgard SSD families have been depleted. The company has announced that in the coming period, it will take measures against mass purchases to ensure that SSDs reach the right hands .

The success of Chia in the upcoming period of the new crypto currency, which looks innocent with its environmentally friendly face , may mean an increase in HDD and SSD prices for users , as well as stock shortages .

On the positive side, we have components that are naturally resistant to miners . Examples include case, PSU, case fan, processor cooler, monitor and speaker.

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